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PENDING Xz0ra Has submitted an Application! Woot!

Discussion in '[DMF] Server Admin Applications' started by Xz0ra, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. Xz0ra


    Feb 12, 2018
    United States of America
    Real Info:

    Real name: Alex

    Online Game Name: Xz0ra

    My Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:423792841

    Location: Sweden, Stockholm

    Age: 15

    Misc Info:

    How many approx. hrs spent on our server(s) per week?: 1-14 Hours Per week

    Why do you want to be a Member?: I would like to become a Staff member at dmfrenzy because I would like to improve our reputation, customer service and our servers . I can make our servers friendly for all ages. One of the reasons why I'm applying for admin is that I've seen some harassment towards younger aged players such as older people bullying them and harraisng them for being underage most ages are 12 or 13 and they just come on to have some fun. I've heard some very inappropriate and unbelievable words towards younger ageed players, I would like to give examples however it will be inappropriate.
    If I do become an Admin I can ensure that such actions will decrease, I've also applied to admin due to lack of administration on other time zones than American time zones such as European time zones.

    Any prior clan experience?: Yes, I've had lots of experience as administrator, I've been administrator for a server with 're name of Playpark however I feelt for trying something new. I've also worked as adminstator for trading.

    Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

    Do you know how to use Team Speak?: Yes

    Closing comments: I'm 14 years old I'll become 15 in a few months however I do believe I have the maturity it takes to become and admin. I also spoke to Manager ToxicFrank and he told me to write it in.

    I also would like to finish of my past sentence when it comes to experience, " I've also been administrator for trading communities and Anti scam communities".

    I'm looking forward for meetings and conferences with further staff.


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