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Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

I made a few changes to the servers. While they are smaller changes, I'd still like you guys to know.

  • Source bans - SB should now be functioning 100%. Admins should have permissions on ALL servers & VIP members should have a reserved slot on ALL servers!
  • Country tags - As @HitmanG reported, there was an issue where it was overwriting the tags from the store. This has been fixed.
  • !nametag & !nametagcolors - I'm not sure what happen here, but at some point they stopped working. I've updated them and it seems to be working nicely now! Please keep in mind you have to use a skin from !ws for it to work. You can't use your own skin; for it to work you MUST use !ws.

    Please view the screenshot to further see what !nametag & !nametagcolors does!
  • All !ws, !knife, !mm, !spray, ETC plugins have been updated to the newest version!
Hey guys.

I just wanted to post a fast message letting everyone know that we have 2 more servers in our list of servers.

BOTH are 1v1 servers!!!!

#2 and 3 are new. One is in the UK!

Enjoy :)
Hi guys!

Quick message.. I just wanted to make everyone fully aware that for the time being I have removed /call from all of the servers!

It's not a practical method for 15+ servers.

Please use our DISCORD server to report any hackers.

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give everybody a fast update...

I'll be pushing a stat tracker plugin to the servers sometime today. This will allow you guys to type !st for any given weapon. Typing !st will at a stat tracker to your current weapon! Everything will be stored into a database so the kill count will remain even after you've left.


On another note, has anybody here used the !nametag plugin before? If so, please explain to me what it does exactly.. I would consider adding this as well!
Hey guys.. i'm in the process of selling all of my skins. Once they are sold I will add some money to make it an even $100... sadly, I don't think that'll get us much for prizes... hopefully I'm wrong lol.

Now, my question to you guys... what do you guys want a chance to win... would you prefer more skins but lower quality skins... or would you guys prefer fewer skins but better quality skins?

Next question... What should I do in the ways of a contest to get rid of the skins????

Please, let me know exactly what you guys want!